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Nadine's daughter, Laura Allan, her son, Jeffrey Lambert & her close friend, Mark Gould

Memorial created 04-27-2006 by
Jennifer Selke
Nadine Lambert
October 21 1926 - April 26 2006

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05-11-2006 12:57 AM -- By: Liz Dray Plumb,  From: Southern California  

I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Nadine, both as a student in the School Psychology Program, and as a research assistant on her longitudinal study of ADHD. During that time, I developed tremendous respect for Nadine, for her intelligence, her strength, her determination and, most of all, for her devotion-- and incredible contributions-- to the field of school psychology. As I reflect on Nadine and her work with her students, I realize that, as she trained each of us in the consultee-centered model of consultation, she was the ultimate consultant. I still remember vividly Nadine’s research class on Tuesday afternoons, which she designed to help us with our position papers, oral exams, and dissertations. Nadine devoted so much time to each of us, asking us questions, and guiding us in developing our own ideas. Through her questions regarding our research, we were able to gain new insights, make better connections, and reach a deeper level of understanding in our work. I will always remember Nadine by a picture I saw of her and Kate Perry at Kate’s graduation. As Nadine was hooding Kate, she had an amazing look of warmth, pride and happiness on her face. That picture said it all about how much her students, and her work with them, had meant to Nadine. I know how close Nadine was to Laura and Jeffrey, and my thoughts are with them during this difficult time.

05-09-2006 5:12 PM -- By: Ingrid Hylander,  From: Nacka, Sweden  

This is so sad. I was looking forward to meet Nadine in Chapel Hill in June this year. Since the first day I met her in October 1989 (on the day of the San Fransisco Loma Prieta earthquake) she has been a good friend, and a mentor. We were both excited about the way school psychology and school consultation had developed along similar lines in Berkeley and in Sweden. Her keen interest in what we were doing in Sweden and her sharp analyses of the work processes gave her many friends and admirer among Swedish psychologists. She was the prime motor in developing an international network on consultee-centered consultation, which led up to a series of international seminars, two of which were held in Stockholm and the third one in San Fransisco. She also came into our family (always bringing the best Californian wine) and we all laughed together and had a very good time. Still in some peculiar way we always got the work done. The last week when I have talked to friends in Sweden who knew Nadine it is obvious that she has made a deep impression on many Swedish psychologists. We will all miss her very much.

05-09-2006 10:01 AM -- By: Barbara L. McCombs,  From: Denver, CO  

I have been honored to know Nadine. She was a brilliant and compassionate friend and colleague. She was also an inspiring visionary. I will miss her but cherish the memories of our times together.

05-08-2006 2:32 PM -- By: Jane E. Croke,  From: Milwaukee, WI  

I am so terribly sorry to hear of Nadine's death. She was a very special person.

05-08-2006 10:22 AM -- By: ann caffrey,  From: morro bay, california  

I met Nadine and Laura in 1952 in Whittier, California. From 1954 to 1956 we shared houses, traveled, and often struggled with our jobs, family responsibilities, and relationships--life! Even then Nadine was an incredibly active and productive person with seemingly boundless energy, and great enthusiasm for solving problems and helping people. Her capacity for dealing with myriad challenges with humor and determination and competency was amazing!

05-08-2006 6:09 AM -- By: mugu,  From:  

onya aba

05-07-2006 2:33 AM -- By: Dan Cui,  From: Oakland, CA  

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” Mrs. Lambert once referred me this famous quote of William J Bryan’s in guiding me to dare to dream, be resolute to choose, and unafraid to achieve… This is the kind of impact she had on my Fiancée (Jenny) and me. She will be profoundly missed.

"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on..."


05-06-2006 8:57 PM -- By: Keith Nielsen,  From: Orem, Utah  

To Laura Allen. It's been some time since we met at Park City. This was the last time I was able to see and talk with your mom and meet you for the first time. I remember the music you provided for that day and bought one of those instruments. I didn't learn to play it but maybe one of my grandchildren will. Laura I always had a real love for your mom, Uncle Bud and your grandfather and grandmother. Though we were years apart and miles away I really cared about them. The memories are still with me. Be asured that your mom was very special person.

Lord bless your family your cousin Keith

05-06-2006 8:51 PM -- By: Kate Perry,  From: Berkeley  

There are two days in my life that I can remember like they were yesterday – the day that Nadine Lambert phoned me to offer me admission to the program, and the day that she offered me the chance to become part of the school psychology faculty. Nadine has given so many opportunities to so many professionals in our field and will be remembered by each student she touched in this way. She played such an important role in shaping the minds that have collectively built the scientific and practical knowledge base that informs school psychology practice…. and she did this student by student over the course of 40+ years. Her contribution and dedication is truly unparalleled, and she will be sorely missed by those of us at Berkeley who were fortunate enough to work with her.

05-06-2006 6:31 PM -- By: Pamela Norton,  From: UC Berkeley  

It seemed every time I visited Tolman Hall, I saw Nadine either busy going somewhere or hard at work in her office with the door open. I know her as a fundamental presence in the Graduate School of Education. I appreciated her contributions as a professor and human being, and I will miss her spirit.

05-04-2006 7:48 PM -- By: Fiona Doyle,  From: UC Berkeley, College of Engineering  

I only had the pleasure of making Nadine's acquaintance this academic year, when I joined the Graduate Council of the UC Berkeley Academic Senate. During our brief interactions, I was immensely impressed by her thoughtfulness, integrity, commitment to our students, and dedication to the University. I know that she will be sorely missed by her colleagues, as well as by her family.

05-04-2006 4:06 PM -- By: Bob Ruddell,  From: Oakland, CA  

Nadine, you will be missed by your friends, collagues, and students. I fondly remember our work together when time were tough and survival was in question about the GSE. Your steadfast manner and across campus contacts were critical to our successful joint effort. I also remember many of your doctoral students who had strong interest in the reading field - sent to me by you. Your program was a model for many universities and outstanding. You have influenced the education of thousands of children through your students. You will be remembered in as a one-of-a-kind very special influential teacher. Your frined, Bob.

05-04-2006 4:02 PM -- By: Robert L. Charpentier, Ph.D.,  From:  

Deepest sympathies to Nadine's family at home and at UCB.

05-04-2006 1:28 PM -- By: Lee Andersen,  From: Merced  

Nadine Lambert's achievements, both personal and professional, are truly remarkable. While I have had little contact with Nadine since the late 60's / early 70's as a student in her program, she has remained a force in my life, as she was such a force in so many ways.

Nadine's visions for school psychology, student learning and adjustment and the personal successes of her family and her students were all driven toward fulfillment by her spirit, intelligence, will and wit.

She was one of the rare people who had so much impact on so many that her accomplishments will continue to be realized long after her passing.

I will always see Nadine as a model for personal and professional life. Count me among the many students, friends, colleagues and family who are deeply saddened by her loss.

05-04-2006 12:01 PM -- By: Heather McClure,  From: Austin,tX  

Jeffrey, You have been in my thoughts since I heard the tragic news. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so glad that you have been able to spend this last year closer to your mother. Treasure every fond memory you have! My thoughts will be with you and your family.

05-04-2006 11:51 AM -- By: John Sugiyama,  From: Danville, CA  

Nadine's passing is a loss to all of us who had the honor and privilege of knowing her. As a graduate of the school psych program, there was no question that Nadine's vision created a program that was ahead of its time. Nadine set high standards for her students. The current focus on rigor existed back in the 60s and 70s if you were a student in the program. At the same time, Nadine was extremely supportive of her students. The luncheons at her home and annual retreats bring back fond memories. Nadine will be missed but her work will continue through those whose professional and personal lives were affected by her mentorship.

05-04-2006 10:20 AM -- By: Missy Kreisle,  From: Austin, TX  

Jeffrey, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how much you loved and admired your mother. Be comforted in your memories of her and the great times you had together. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

05-04-2006 10:11 AM -- By: Steve Knotek,  From: Chapel Hill, NC  

Where to start? Trying to write a few simple thoughts about a force of nature seems an impossible task.

As a student I was always keely aware of Nadine's intellect, of her passion for the well being of children, and of her unrelenting expectation that her UCB grads would make a difference for underserved kids in schools. Great, powerful stuff, and more than enough to be thankful for.

However, it is through my work with Nadine since graduation that I have come to understand and appreciate the depth and power of her mentorship. Turns out that being "one of Nadine's students" is a life long deal. She wasn't done with her grads at graduation, the piece of paper given a convocation was simply a marker of a new phase in the relationship. When I graduated I didn't know that I needed to apply for certain fellowships or write on particular topics until my email inbox had the welcome "Nadine Lambert" in the from section. As I opened her email it was great anticipating what professional adventure Nadine might be challenging me to. I was deeply moved last year during a converstation with Nadine in which she gleefully laid out several "ah ha" moments that I'd had as a grad student; describing the time and place of several episodes when I burst into her office to share with her my latest "insight" into the nature of kids, education or the graduate school process. Who knew, at least I didn't, that she was paying such close attention. Over the years I learned repeatedly never to underestimate the woman and to appreciate that she was always in my corner.

Fondly, Steve

05-04-2006 2:50 AM -- By: Lisa Hee,  From: Hawaii  

Jeffery, We are truly sorry about your mother. We are thinking about you! Keep in touch! Love always, Darrell, Lisa, Brennan & Kyler Hee

05-03-2006 11:53 PM -- By: Tom Kehle,  From: University of Connecticut  

Nadine Lambert was a scholar and influential force in school psychology. She was genuinely concerned about the profession and tirelessly worked for its betterment. At most conventions, where I typically would meet her, I would not hesitate to ask her opinion on a variety of issues. She was always willing to help, to clarify, and to give sound and thoughtful advice. I will miss her as all of us will. The prestige of School Psychology was diminished with her passing.

05-03-2006 3:46 PM -- By: Deborah Tharinger,  From: Austin, Texas  

It's been a week since Nadine's untimely and unkind death.

I have found myself very impacted and full of feelings and memories. I can still remember first meeting "Dr. Lambert" as a new student in the mid-70s in Tolman Hall. I remember so many of her classes and our meetings. And I remember wondering how she could do so many things at one time. I feel so fortunate to have spend my grad school years uner her influence and watch. I think I knew it at the time but have come to truly understand what a giant she is in the field of school psychology and how she seamlessly integrated school and developmental psychology. And I think most of all I remember that she taught us as students how to think and how to question--and charged us to be change agents.

Nadine and I have been colleagues for the past 20+ years. I have valued her distant but attentive watch over my career as well as her mentoring. And I knew that as a secure attachment figure--she was always there---even as I was pulling away at times. I will also cherish my memories of the Roast of Nadine during the 1998 APA Convention Meeting in San Francisco, and how fun it was to work with her daughter Laura on some of the planning. It was a great evening!

Nadine--I know that at the next APA Convention Social Hour---you will be there in spirit. I miss you and I thank you.

And my heart goes out to Laura and Jeffrey, and your constructed Berkeley family.

05-03-2006 2:38 PM -- By: Paul Holland,  From: Princeton NJ  

This is just so terrible. Nadine was probably my favorite UC faculty member while I was in the School of Education. Even after I left in 2000 she and I corresponded on her research and on wine. I get wine from Tom Dehlinger's winery only because she introduced me to him. I used her data on kids with ADHD in my statistics course at UC and regarded her work in that area as remarkable. I will miss her very much.

05-03-2006 2:32 PM -- By: Jim Sofia,  From: Ottawa, ON, Canada  

I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a gifted and prominent educator. Nadine touched the lives of many people through her wisdom and dedication. She was my mentor in the 70's while I was at Berkeley. The best years of my life were spend under her guidance and direction. Nadine’s leadership in the field of school psychology was and still is an inspiration to the professional growth of thousands of professionals who seek to better the lives of school children. I extend my warmest sympathies to her children, Laura and Jeffrey and to her family and friends.

05-03-2006 2:09 PM -- By: Dan Olympia,  From: Salt Lake City, Utah  

The news of Dr. Lambert's death was recieved with great sorrow and a deep appreciation of her many years of work in the psychology profession. I can only say that I was briefly acquainted with her in the last few years. I can recall talking with her at different conferences and being hugely impressed with both her physical and intellectual energy. In one conversation, she described her flying schedule to attend a meeting on the east coast "in between" some of her obligations at UC-Berkeley. I remember thinking that we could only hope to be as enegetic and half as dedicated as she appeared to be at a time when most people are thinking about scaling back. She will be missed but appreciated far into the future.

05-03-2006 2:06 PM -- By: Dan Olympia,  From: Salt Lake City, Utah  

The news of Dr. Lambert's death was recieved with great sorrow and a deep appreciation of her many years of work in the psychology profession. I can only say that I was briefly acquainted with her in the last few years. I can recall talking with her at different conferences and being hugely impressed with both her physical and intellectual energy. In one conversation, she described her flying schedule to attend a meeting on the east coast "in between" some of her obligations at UC-Berkeley. I remember thinking that we could only hope to be as enegetic and half as dedicated as she appeared to be at a time when most people are thinking about scaling back. She will be missed but appreciated far into the future.

05-03-2006 2:05 PM -- By: Richard Green,  From: Orinda  

Having been one of Nadine's early School Psychology students from the 60's, I can attest to the long-term impact she has had on so many students and colleagues who have been fortunate enough to have known and worked with her over the years. I join so many others in expressing our profound respect for Nadine and her work, and in sending heartfelt condolences to her family, colleagues, and friends.

05-03-2006 1:21 PM -- By: Paul Nelson,  From: American Psychological Association  

What a tragic loss to the professon of psychology, not to mention her beloved family of whom she spoke so often and fondly, her countless friends and colleagues of so many years and walks of life, the many students whom she mentored to become this generation's leaders in school psychology, and all others whose lives she certainly must have touched!

Nadine was as gracious of spirit, generous of heart, and hospitable in person as she was wise and visionary as a psychologist. Her contributions to the advancement of psychology as a science based professon, grounded in the ralities of practice, and anchored by lifelong education and training were substantial. It was a privilege for me to have worked with her for nearly a quarter of a century, but equally if not more a personal pleasure to know her as a friend.

I send my very best wishes, in loving memory of their mother, to Jeff and Laura.

05-03-2006 12:48 PM -- By: Arlene Giordano,  From: Sonora, Calif.  

Since the news of Nadine's death,snippets of memories of her have come to me, many from early on and others more recent of our less frequent contacts; she was always a formidable figure but over the years in a more realistic sense as we all grew older and it is hoped wiser! I will always recall her raucous laughter, her matching husband Bob and her cherished children, Laura and Jeffrey,all of whom we have had the privilege of knowing directly and through Nadine. Many will miss Nadine, both professionally and personally. And thank Nadine for her interest in and influence on us all.

05-03-2006 11:39 AM -- By: Jeff Braden,  From: North Carolina  

I am struck that it was just a month ago that I sat with Nadine (and Tim Keith) at the Society for the Study of School Psychology reception. What I recall most was her intensity and passion for research, the field of school psychology, and the changes she wanted to make. I'm not sure if I realized it at the time, but in retrospect, what amazes me was that she was no less intent, passionate, and stubborn than when I first met her as a student some 25 years ago. We spent a lot of time arguing over the years--usually while sharing a meal and a drink. My last meeting with her was typical, and for that reason, to be cherished.

She will be missed--and I will miss her.


05-02-2006 9:20 PM -- By: Bill Strein,  From: Univ. of Maryland  

I regard Nadine Lambert as truly one of the giants in our field. Her presence was of enormous influence in so many ways. Although I had less opportunity to work or socialize with her than have many of our mutual colleagues, those times that we did share are most memorable. A group dinner at which Nadine was present was not an inexpensive affair, but the Nadine-chosen wine was well worth it! Nadine always had a hearty "Hello", even for those whom she knew less well. She is already missed.


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