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Nadine's daughter, Laura Allan, her son, Jeffrey Lambert & her close friend, Mark Gould

Memorial created 04-27-2006 by
Jennifer Selke
Nadine Lambert
October 21 1926 - April 26 2006

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05-02-2006 6:18 PM -- By: Tim Keith,  From: Austin, TX  

I only met Nadine about 10 years ago, but we hit it off immediately. My wife and I cherished her, her quick wit, and her expertise in school psychology, food, and wine. We will miss her professionally and personally. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeffrey and Laura.

05-02-2006 5:36 PM -- By: Robert Woody, PhD, JD,  From: University of Nebraska at Omaha  

From my early days in the field of school psychology, I have always considered Nadine to be a model for professionalism. There is no doubt that she made a lasting contribution to school psychology, and was an impeccable role-model for students, as well as early-career and senior members of school psychology. From both personal and professional contacts, I will always remember her with respect, admiration, and fondness.

05-02-2006 5:24 PM -- By: Amanda Arthur,  From:  

I was very saddened to hear about Nadine's passing. She was a lovely person and a true visionary in the field. Our community at Berkeley will miss her. As I start my career in August as a first year school psychologist, I will undoubtedly carry Nadine's words of wisdom with me to help me navigate the challenges and to inspire me to go above and beyond.

05-02-2006 5:24 PM -- By: Melissa Bray,  From: Willington, CT  

I am so sorry to hear of what happened to Nadine. She was truly a pioneer in the field of school psychology and will be missed but forever remembered in history by all in the field.

Melissa Bray

05-02-2006 4:26 PM -- By: Karyn Shaw,  From: Northampton, MA  

I was shocked to learn of Nadine's tragic and untimely death. She was a formidable presence and amazingly dedicated to her work and the program at UCB. She will continue to touch children's lives through all of us who are working to practice school psychology in the way she envisioned. She will be missed by many. My condolences to her family.

05-02-2006 3:41 PM -- By: Laura Barbosa,  From:  

Jeffrey, I just want to express my condolences. I am very sorry for your loss. I am sending much light and love your way to help you cope and keep you strong. Yours truly, Laura Barbosa

05-02-2006 3:27 PM -- By: Ray Vargas,  From: Hawaii  

Jeffrey -

So sorry about the sudden death of your mom. Our thoughts are with you. I dont think we ever met anyone who spoke so highly about his mother. She seeemed like an incredible person and inspiration to you and I am sure she will live on through you. Deepest sypmpathies to you, your sister and family.

Ray Vargas Jen Mintle

05-02-2006 2:29 AM -- By: Vernon Gettone,  From: California  

I am really sadden by the sudden tragic death of Nadine. She will be missed.

Vernon G. Gettone Graduate of the School Psychology Program in 1976.

05-02-2006 12:01 AM -- By: David,  From: San Francisco  

On the morning of Nadine's death, I was on my way to her office to ask for a favor. I should have been nervous. Walking into any other professor’s office, I would have been. But there was something about the way Nadine viewed students that were in the program. When she smiled at us, it was a combination of motherliness and unconditional positive regard--she had so much faith in what she’d created at Berkeley and was so encouraging of the students who were the embodiment of her vision. So I wasn’t nervous going to her office to ask for help. I knew she’d do whatever she could. I will feel an emptiness entering Tolman Hall, knowing that she is no longer there to support me. I imagine everyone who has experienced her mentorship is feeling something similar. She will be greatly missed.

05-01-2006 11:39 PM -- By: Alisa Crovetti,  From: Bay Area  

I am shocked and saddened by this news. Nadine was an incredible mentor who provided so much encouragement and inspiration when I was her student. I so admired her dedication and vision. This is such a tragic loss in so many ways for so many people.

05-01-2006 9:36 PM -- By: Susan Schenk,  From: New Zealand (now)  

Nadine was an inspiration. I valued her as a colleague and was inspired by her tenacity and courage. It was an honour to work with her during the past several years. I believe that our paper, about to come out in the May 2006 issue of Addiction, will be her last. I'm thrilled that she saw the proofs of the paper last month and knew that we had finally succeeded in convincingly selling the story.

My sympathies to Nadine's family and friends.

05-01-2006 5:57 PM -- By: Richard Nicoll,  From: Mt. Diablo Unified School District  

What a shock to hear about Nadine. She was always bigger than life for each of her former students. Her vision, dedication, and passion resulted in a model school psychology program. Her commitment to her students was unmatched. Many of us did not end up as practising school psychologists, but all of us were better for the exceptional opportunities that Nadine afforded us during our time in Berkeley.

My sympathies to the family.

05-01-2006 5:25 PM -- By: Linda Caterino,  From: AZ  

I was so saddened by the news of Nadine's passing. I greatly enjoyed her company, her strong opinions, her sense of humor and her compassion. She was a remarkable woman, professionally and personally. It is a rare person who can make her life matter to so many people as much as she did. School psychology, psychology and education will never be the same without Nadine and neither will I.

05-01-2006 4:23 PM -- By: Rebecca Lee,  From: San Francisco  

I was shocked and am deeply saddened by the news of Nadine's death. Jeffrey and Laura, I send my sympathies. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Nadine was an inspiration in her fierce devotion to her work and to all who shared in it and benefited from it. I will also always remember her hospitality to all of us students.

05-01-2006 4:16 PM -- By: Ernie & Pat Anderson,  From: Hawaii  

Jeffrey, It was a surprise to us to learn that you & Nadine brought your own wine with you when you came to Hawaii. What a great idea! We remember laughing, talking & having so much fun with you two at dinner that night. We could see what a supportive parent she was & how much she cared about you. She opened up her Russian River home to us & being there gave us the opportunity to totally destress & relax. She had a generosity of spirit we'll always remember.

Aloha, Ernie & Pat Aloh

05-01-2006 3:27 PM -- By: Laurie Klose,  From: San Antonio, TX  

I am still trying to come to terms with the terrible loss, both to family and friends, but to the academic community as well. My fondest memory of Nadine is the time she rode to The Big Game with me, my husband (with whom she shared many laughs and many bottles of wine), Margaret Garcia and another friend. The traffic was beyond bad getting off 101 to Standford. Nadine was riding in the backseat and insisted that my husband take our rightful place at the fron to of the line of cars. Needless to say, we caused a disturbance. At the game, I sat with Nadine in her season ticket seats and she treated me like royalty. We had such a great time. After the game, we wnet to her house where she created a gourmet meal like it was an everyday thing- I guess it was! Many people know the brilliant scientist, supportive mentor and consumate professional that Nadine was, I am so happy that my 19 year relationship included the fun and personal side of Nadine that I hold so dear. I am so happy that I was able to visit with her last month and will feel this loss for a long long time. Respectfully and with fondness, Laurie Klose, UCB 1995

05-01-2006 3:12 PM -- By: Steve Cederborg,  From: Sonoma  

As I opened my office e-mail on the 27th and read the news from Carolyn Hartsough, I had no way to assimilate such news. Writing this, I realize I still don't know what to say.

Nadine gave birth to my career in 1966 when she smiled and told me in her office, "Well, we've admitted you to the program in spite of your GRE scores." I knew that to be true and was grateful that she saw potential in me that was not reflected in those scores. Then I remember her sage advice when I completed the doctorate in '72, "Hang loose at the plate!"

In my professional life, Nadine was bigger than life. She was a teacher, a mentor, a role model, an inspiration, and a friend. As I saw her off and on over the years, she never seemed to change, and I guess I thought she would always be there. As I think about it, she always will, in my memories and the tremendous contributions she made to me as a person and a professional.

Finally, I extend my sympathies to Laura and Jeffrey. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Steve Cederborg

05-01-2006 2:23 PM -- By: gerard perez,  From: Napa  

We send our prayers and good thoughts to Laura and Jeffrey. Nadine opened doors to a successful career and I will always be grateful.

05-01-2006 12:27 PM -- By: Carol Dwyer,  From: Princeton, NJ  

What a terrible loss for all of us, but most especially for her pride and joy, Jeffrey and Laura.

But what a legacy Nadine has left to the world, and how many different ways she has touched us. Truly a towering figure in so many realms.

05-01-2006 12:15 PM -- By: Scott Schwartz,  From: Bay Area  

I was so deeply saddened by the news. I worked closely with Nadine from 1989-1995. I had no idea what I was capable of academically until I worked with her. She inspired me! I also used to go to a lot of basketball games with her when I was at CAL. I remember how upset she was with me that I never explained what a zone defense was. I still chuckle at the thought. My thoughts are with her family, friends, students, and alumni. I know her influence on folks lasts a lifetime.

05-01-2006 12:05 PM -- By: Tom Fagan,  From: Memphis, TN  

Working with Nadine over the past 25 years has taught me much. She was an eminent scholar and contributor to the field of educational and school psychology. Too many of the younger members of our field have little knowledge of the major contributions that Nadine made throughout her career. Forthcoming articles about her life and career will preserve her place in the history of psychology.

05-01-2006 8:16 AM -- By: Jaffee Ji ZHU,  From: Geneva, Switzerland  

Dear Jeffrey,

I'm terribly sorry to hear such tragic news. Although i had never seen nor spoken to Nadine in person, but my memories of her is from how you always talk about her as a kind, loving, fun and understanding mother, friend and professorof yours. How she's such fan of wine tasting and travelling...

I regret that i've lost such an opportunity to host her in Shanghai China, and to finally meet her in person.

Please accept my sincere condolences.

Sincerely yours,


05-01-2006 12:37 AM -- By: Liz Angoff,  From: Oakland, CA  

I hope we all are able to leave the kind of lasting, positive influence that Nadine has left on the world. To change one life is to change the universe - you never know how far your impact on one person will reach.

04-30-2006 11:50 PM -- By: Allan Gold,  From: San Francisco  

I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear about Nadine's untimely death. She was so much a part of my life from 1973 through 1987 and exerted such a powerful influence on my life's work. Few people in the world are gifted enough to develop a profession as she has. Through her many, many students who have gone on to professorships, school psychology, administrative, and clinical positions, her influence has gone far beyond the walls of Tolman. Her model for school psychology has undoubtedly benefited thousands of educators, families, and children, not only in this country, but across the world. I am so grateful for the education I received from her and from the Program and will truly miss her inspiration. My sincerest condolences to Laura, Jeff, Carolyn, and all those who have continued to work with and learn from her these many years.

04-30-2006 9:51 PM -- By: Patricia Newsome,  From: Sacramento, CA  

Nadine was so influential in the lives of the students in the Joint Doctoral Program. She was particularly gracious and helpful to me as I prepared for my oral exams less than a month ago. She knew I was nervous and she wanted me to "shine" during the process. We engaged in casual conversations as well as oral prep work. We discovered we both enjoyed the television show Law and Order and we shared particulars about some shows.

I belleive Nadine supported us all very well and wanted all of us to "shine". I am so sorry we have lost her influence, strength knowledge and caringpersonality.

04-30-2006 6:48 PM -- By: Betty Henry,  From: Berkeley  

For those of us who knew Nadine from the '60s (even the tail end), there is the overwhelming recognition that here was someone who looked at the field of school psychology and saw not what it was, but what it could be. I will always think of her brilliance in recognizing that children will say more about themselves when given the opportunity to talk about whether text might be "too hard" or "too easy" for "other children". She changed the focus of practice from intervention to prevention and from a focus on the individual to a focus on a knowledge base. She was like a laser light in my life; she always knew where she was going and what she wanted. She also impacted us all with her clear love of family, whether it was tutoring Jeffrey on the phone while talking with me in her office or incorporating us all into a family of sorts by the graduation parties for each of us as we got our degrees.

04-30-2006 2:24 PM -- By: David Roth,  From: Oakland  

It is with deep regret that I find out that Nadine has passed away. She impacted my life by providing me with an opportunity that has given me a rewarding livelihood, career, and an ability to help many of those who are most vulnerable in our communities. Not many people have offerred so much to me in my life so far, nor do I expect others will do so much for me in my lifetime. Nadine and my relationship extended beyond the classroom in that she would often invite me to basketball games and football games. She was a great Cal sports fan. My cohort and I also had the opportunity to learn about wine and visit her home in the Russian River Valley. These are all fond memories. Nadine always brought a smile to my face with her quirks that we all remember and I know that she always had a large smile and a laugh for me when I walked into her office with some crazy idea or a paper that was many months late. It is that smile that I will picture most clearly.

David Roth - Graduate 2003

04-30-2006 2:11 PM -- By: Carol Schmus,  From: Hawaii  

I am a good friend of her son Jeffrey and had only met Nadine a few times.After the first meeting, I looked forward to seeing her again as I found her to be a most interesting and intelligent woman.Fascinating to talk to and with a subtle sense of humor.I regret that I won't have another opportunity to get to know her better.

04-30-2006 1:40 AM -- By: Barbara Colton,  From: Sacramento  

A woman of great energy and enthusiasm, direct, down-to-earth, committed, an inspiration to get going with work and life. Her influence is evident in the hundreds of students whose lives and careers she shaped. Almost forty years later I can still hear her kind but direct and pointed comments. My career at the California Department of Education has been informed by the time I spent in the School Psych program-a period of intellectual and academic rigor leavened with "real" work in schools. We knew "scientifically based research" long before NCLB. Nadine will be missed; her influence lives on. May her memory be a blessing for all.

04-29-2006 11:12 PM -- By: Kathryn Jaeger,  From: Davis, California  

Despite the many years since I completed Nadine's program (as it is known to many), she remains such a strong figure in my life. Her intellectual accomplishments/pursuits impress me still today. Those were challanging and fun years. I smile in recalling a young adolescent named Jeffrey who brought some levity to varied events! Nadine's mind has always been "sharp as a tack" while simultaneously being full of compassion. I'll miss her and the field of psychology has lost a great one. Kathryn Jaeger


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